vSphere VMs file system browsing support for muCommander

  • 7 July 2013
  • yuval

During my work at Intigua, I wrote a patch to mucommander, that enables it to view files of virtual machines in VMware vSphere based hypervisors. The patch is available in mu-commander nightly (that will become 0.9.1).

I wrote it because our testing environment simulates a complex IT network - so some of the machines are not accessible via TCP\IP. I can use the patched muCommander to access those machines!

Hopefully this can help system administrators managme machines more easily.

Recovering Lupa's back up file password.

  • 21 March 2012
  • yuval

A friend of mine is using the authoring software Lupa to create a family album. Lupa helps you author albums and then receive a printed copy of the album you created in the software. The software is given for free. Lupa makes its business from the printed albums people order. 

My friend then used Lupa's backup feature to back-up his work. He noticed the Lupa back-up file is actually a zip file! He was happy, because that meant that he now had one zip with all the content he created. As he was the one that created the content, it seems logical that he can export it, and use it as he wants to.

Unfortunately, the zip file was password protected! That's when my friend called me to assist him. So we went on to discover the lost password of the zip file!

Some thing weird with Waze

  • 7 December 2010
  • yuval

Yesterday, around midnight I drove around with Waze for the Android where all of a sudden, the program exited!
We tried to re-run it, but it persistent, and each time it re exited!

We tried to run Waze in my friend's Nokia E72, but it exited there too!

Thinking that it's weird that Waze exited on two different devices, I turned off the 3G internet connection on my Android. Suddenly, Waze didn't exit!

The most portable langauge in the world

  • 5 October 2010
  • yuval

I am currently writing the Android port of ScanBizCards iPhone app.

In-order to avoid duplication of code, we rewrote the OCR stuff from Objective C, to the one language supported both by iPhone and Android - C\C++!
Java was meant to be THE Portable language, but still, C runs on much more platforms... This is especially true on phones, where C is the common denominator....

And you think that with technology today, the most portable language won't be 38 years old!

New phone!

  • 25 August 2010
  • yuval

I now have a HTC Desire!
This phone is really cool.
I'll be using it to port the IPhone version of scanbizcards.com to the Android platform.

UPDATE: One thing to improve in this phone, is the low amount of internal storage. So app2sd was basically a must for me.

I haven't the time lately to develop my open-id provider, but I'll get to it sometime....